Bitter She didn’t want to become Watching all the happiness Swirl around her Like sugar and honey

No Sugar

She sipped her coffee Hoping he’d choke on his He phoned her up wanting to meet after All these years Was he serious? When he asked her that His teeth didn’t fall out So, she did hear him right He asked her what she thought And since he liked his coffee black She kept it…


Java me like Every day and every night Sprinkled with sugar Doused with vanilla If you find me with a mug Don’t try to take it from me Not even with all your might Because my blueberry muffin won’t be the only thing I’ll bite.  

Sweet Tooth

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy My sweet tooth craves something Sugary in my tummy I don’t want to let hunger happen to me But my break is almost over and I just can’t decide There’s that Whatchamacallit sitting on my desk But I need to break out of the ordinary And maybe taste the rainbow Standing in…