This Is Goodbye

He was her weakness Brown skinned kryptonite The one person whose lips could make her throw caution to the wind Whose touch had her acting out of character He knew the power he held Wielded his affection as a weapon Used his love as an anchor Keeping her close even though he had no ambition…

Love’s Residue

The flowers had welted The vase was bone dry Although her eyes weren’t Empty tissue boxes filled her trash can Her appetite had vanished The pain was too strong She was evaporating in despair Wasn’t she enough She gave her all Tried her best To be the partner he’d truly admire Even though her friends…


Five minutes later her tears dried the crack in her heart  swelled He was a leech Its was true but she loved him even though she was his host


It was the gentle breeze coasting over the meadow Faintly brushing across the delicate petals of a daffodil A subtle wind blew through the atmosphere Shifting the easy dynamic of their simple love It was the chill raising the hairs on the back of Eden’s neck Simon held her hand loosely, dangling at his side He…

Star Gazing

Out of reach Way up high He stared at her Like she was the only star In the midnight sky When all she longed for Was the oration of his voice Feel his illumination And Sizzle from his spark But time had pushed them apart Creating light years of space During their orbit Their constellation…


You’re not mine And he doesn’t care that you’re his So, slip away with me And we can find ourselves In invisibility. Art by: Aneta Ivanova


A rose is a rose, which you are not You are the thorn that pricked by soul And nicked my heart You tricked me you sly fox But childish games only trick me once You foolish little fox