This Is Goodbye

He was her weakness

Brown skinned kryptonite

The one person whose lips could make her throw caution to the wind

Whose touch had her acting out of character

He knew the power he held

Wielded his affection as a weapon

Used his love as an anchor

Keeping her close even though he had no ambition to give her the commitment she wanted

Or the love she desired

Last night was a mistake no matter how good his body felt moving against hers

In her’s

Consuming her

There was no genuine love there

Just a chain of hook-ups, her giving her all and him giving her ten percent of himself in their warped situationship.

After the orgasmic high faded the pain his lies and betrayal inflicted her with resurfaced

Reminding her of the way his eyes would sway when another attractive woman would enter into their space

Her mind mentioned the stream of texts that lit up his phone during the night hours as he slept in their bed.

She knew what she had to do

And since her voice didn’t have the strength to bid him ado

She put pen to paper

Propped the letter on the nightstand

Packed a bag

And disappeared out of his life before the early morning light

Photography by: Kelly Sikkema

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