She was a flower

Free and wild

Growing through the trials

Blooming in the midst of tribulations

Adorned with wisdom

Bestowed with knowledge that few were esteemed with

She cherished the little things

The gentle breeze of the wind

The flight of ravens soar across the vast blue sky

Wishing she could be like them

Yearning for wings to fly high above it all

Leave the strings of so-called adult life behind

Was one meant to word from sun up to sun down to achieve someone else’s dream

The voice in her soul told her ‘no’

But everything around scream a resounding ‘yes’

She yearned to be in the one place that granted her the peace of freedom

The serenity of watching life happen in the wild

A place where she could be the wildflower she was born to be

A meadow sprouting flowers a beautiful and serene as her.

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