We Are Queen


We are the queen of this land you call home

Civilizations were born from our wombs

Suckled in our bosom

Rested on our hips

Protected in our arms

And flourished from our wisdom

We aren’t a queen

We are the queen

We hail from the land as old as time

We are Africa

Mother Africa

From Zipporah to Ankhesenamun

From Kandake to Tyre

From Nefertiti to Nzingha

From Yennenga to Hatshepsut

Building empires

Controlling Economies

Commanding teems of warriors

Defeating hordes of armies that

Confused her to be a formidable opponent

She sent them on their way, licking their wounds,

Counting their losses

To realize she was the only opponent

Too strong for their men

Too wise for their minds

We aren’t a queen

We are the queen

We hail from a land as old as time

We are Africa

Great Africa

We can not be defined by beauty

Because we created it

It was the word to describe the shell-shocked state one fell into

Once their eyes befell our work of art.

The coils of our hair that are the crowns upon our head

Our chocolaty smooth, mocha delicious, creamy butterscotch, and velvety caramel complexion invokes a passion so hungry they long to devour.

Our lips call to your soul erasing the thoughts of your mind.

Our hypnotically moving hips

Hypnotize you

Awakening your dormant heart

Catching feelings of love and admiration

Churning you with a quivering lust

To caress our ample posterior

You want to be our one and only

Submitting applications to be our honey

But remember we are lionesses

Fierce and strong

Don’t come to our court

Unless you are a lion

King of your throne

We aren’t a queen

We are the queen

We hail from a land old as time

We are Africa

Seductive Africa

We don’t take weak

We don’t take feeble

We don’t do fear

We don’t do craven

You label us as angry

Because it’s we you fear

Because our lyrical words cut you deep

But you pierce us not

We don’t believe that we are less than we are

We remember the scramble

Gold and diamonds you came to claim

Near and far

But when you left your docked ships

It was her you coveted

The mother of all

The forger of man

The temptress of desire

The conjurer of love

The ruler of many

We aren’t a queen

We are the queen

We hail from a land old as time

We are Africa

Almighty Africa

Photograph by Jeffery Erhunse

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  1. tammie mae says:

    HALLELUJAH, I act in this way everyday. Thanks for writing about it for those that don’t know.This is very needed literature. THANKS

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