The empty sound of nothing can be quite loud.

As the ears stop absorbing and the brain stops recording,

You just be,

Be in that moment.

Your mind starts to roam,

Roaming like a horse in the Plains.

Without restrictions,

Without limitations

And that’s when it happens

A blanket of calmness covers you

As your head rest on contentment,

All your cares are gone,

All your troubles forgotten

For a brief second

And then you drift

Drift into a world

Without restrictions,

Without limitations,

Where you are free as a bird

Soaring high in the clear wide sky

Then like a jolt from a nine hundred volt battery

Your admission in that world is revoked

And you are back wince you came,

The place you had escaped, weary eyed and downtrodden

But those words don’t describe you as of now

You’ve been reborn, fresh and anew

Your mind has been rebooted, programming and researching

Solving that problem that stressed you out before

Taking on that ill that sent you into hiding

Just a thirty-minute pause can be

That remedy to surviving many more

Grab a blanket

Find a pillow

And take you one.

Photograph by Keenan Barber

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  1. Saved as a favorite, I really like your web site!

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