Bitter She didn’t want to become Watching all the happiness Swirl around her Like sugar and honey

A Different Beat

  An old soul In a Modern world Beating at a Rhythm heard by Many But Understood by a few       Photograph by: NordWood Themes Photography

Being Still

      Being on the sidelines of the field of life ¬†She sat on the bench in the Hardest game to be played The Waiting Game. Waiting to be picked Waiting to play Waiting to take part in all the Experiences life had to offer. Days turned to months And Months transpired into years….

Show. Don’t Tell.

    Show me your love Fully and unbridled And I’ll show you mine’s Wholly and untainted


Sleep on my dream and You’ll wake up during my reign.  

Good Things

Good things come to those that Work for it.   Photography by: Andrew illarionov