A Change of Heart

  He was the man she prayed for but When he arrived in her life she was no longer the woman that spoke that prayer       Photography by: Pablo Heimplatz


Lust me not You know I don’t Fuck with you You screwed her over And you treated the other Like a cheap thrill Behind you lies the carnage of copious women  That gave themselves to you at will Erase that thought from your heart Because I will not be the next one To stimulate you…


She wanted more than he could give A house, Some kids, A love that spanned many years. She wanted him to care for her Which was something he couldn’t do For the woman before her had already ripped out his heart And forgotten to deposited it back.    


She let it roll down her back Trickle down her spine Because if she didn’t The words they spewed would pierce her mind And callous her heart So, she turned their bitter ramblings into fuel And bloomed to be a better being One that they could never imagine


A rose is a rose, which you are not You are the thorn that pricked by soul And nicked my heart You tricked me you sly fox But childish games only trick me once You foolish little fox


He caught her off guard A proposal no less An invitation to breakfast was supposed to break the fast endured during the night Not be a proclamation of love The forging of two paths into one The answer should’ve been easy There was only two Not like those SAT questions with A, B, C, D…


It happened It was bound to occur Being chipped away Melting like icicles on a warming day She wasn’t ready It took her by surprise It throbbed It beat Thawing Tingling Feeling quite alive She needed some air, its shell was gone Her feet granted her reprieve Blood rushing upon being acquainted with a new,…


Stare into my eyes and tell me what you see. A portrait painted with beauty and innocence Or a collection of pixels illustrating magnificence? Can you count the number of thoughts fluttering pass my labyrinthine mind? Can you crack the secrets trapped in my mouth, Lock behind my lips, That my tongue tries to spill?…