Left Unsaid

They were lost. He insisted they weren’t. It was the arrogant-stained confidence of his baritone that struck one of her many wound-up nerves provoking an eye roll. An eye roll he missed like all of her other mannerisms that displayed her displeasure of the state of their relationship. A relationship that had spanned for six years too long stuck in the dating phase.

He’d been walking four paces ahead of her since they hike begun. The vivid sun stung her mahogany cheeks and she knew her dermis would appreciate the moisture she stubbornly held in the wells of her eyes. She was tired. An exertion that didn’t stem from the hour and fifteen minute walk through the hinterland of the state park. Her soul was exhausted. Exhausted of where she was; metaphorically and literally.

Hiking in the middle of summer wasn’t her idea of fun. And being a permanent girlfriend wasn’t what she wanted but it was the direction he wanted; like he wanted to navigate them along their trail without taking in her thoughts.

She loved him, that was true but she didn’t know how long she could keep her truths left unsaid.

Photography by: Mason Mulcahy

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