The Wedding Guest

The day she received the invitation in the mail left her footsteps rooted at the curb

Social media broke the news of the engagement

She knew the nuptials were sure to come

But to be invited to the ceremony wasn’t even in the realm of possibility

Not the with sordid history she had with the about to-be wed couple

As she sat in the audience behind the friends and family, she wondered who placed the stamp on the invitation

Was it the bride or the groom?

Only one of them had a history.

But to the other she was considered competition.

A contest that seemed rather pointless.

She was sure the bride’s matron of honor told her so

The bride had the ring and the groom had uttered his ‘I do’ mere moments ago

but still she cast a slight glimpse her way

Knowing one thing to be ultimately true

She was marrying the man of her dreams because the woman of the groom’s dreams that didn’t fit his timetable of life plans.

The guest gave the bride a small smile hoping that would absolve her fear.

Their was no ploy on her end.

She no longer wanted him

No matter how many times he still texted her.

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  1. Ramona Samuel says:

    Beautiful Amber I really like it._

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