A Different Beat

  An old soul In a Modern world Beating at a Rhythm heard by Many But Understood by a few       Photograph by: NordWood Themes Photography

Love of One

Don’t try to fulfill the measurements Of someone else’s mold Be enough for yourself Be true to you Be honest with you Love you Cherish you Honor yourself before anyone else


You don’t know me You never will I’m not your type of girl I’m a little too real That’s cool with me ‘Cause I’m not for everyone I’m no happy meal I’m a feast fit for a king


Can you look at a car and tell if it’s dependable? Can you look at a puppy and know it’s going to be well-behaved dog? Can you look at a newborn and tell if it’s going to live for a hundred years? Can you see a book and know if it’s going to be a…


A weight lay upon her chest. Filled with all the things wished for Formulated from all the things hoped for Crushing through her ribs  Seeking to penetrate her soul.


She let it roll down her back Trickle down her spine Because if she didn’t The words they spewed would pierce her mind And callous her heart So, she turned their bitter ramblings into fuel And bloomed to be a better being One that they could never imagine