Fear takes you to one place; A land of abyss Built by despair. Don’t let it take you there.


Don’t twist the key Don’t pop the lock Don’t let her in Don’t linger in her doubt Don’t listen to her venomous words Don’t trust her rantings She’s not your friend She’s up to no good You can’t be you If you’re playing with her She’ll pull you down Drown you in her lake of…


She bit her nails Brimming with vexation As the clock stroked twelve The defining moment had come to pass Was she still a girl Or a woman, at last She picked up the stick and read the clear words Still feeling like a girl Although in nine months time She was going to bring life…


A blank page is many things The creation of something new A chance to start over A complete reboot Abound in possibilities With a shadow of doubt Haunted by fear Staring at a blank page Finger froze with uncertainty Will the sentence flow, Or will it just have to be blotted out