Consider this, The person you are destined to be with Was nearer than you thought But the choices you made Pushed them further out of sight Leaving you wondering If your planes will ever intersect


She closed her eyes and all she saw was blackness Being drowned by a wave of uncertainty Lost in a forest of sheer immensity With no path to follow She aimlessly walked deeper into the hollow Tired and alone with no quest to call her own

The Beast of Life

Tethered to nothing but a wish and a dream Floating in unsettling gravity Grappling for a branch or twig to grasp onto A mere ledge to hold you afloat In this life there are but few certainties You will be born into a world of instability Haunted by fears that infect your decent soul Festering…

Your Calling

It’s the answer to the age-old question, “Why am I here?” In this place, In this century, In this period, At this time. It guides you If you don’t have it your life will be without Without purpose, Without meaning, Void You need it. If you want to admit it or not As the time…