Stranded with Mr. Snow

Part 6

“For the road.” Hudson handed her the festive tin.

Savoy abruptly stopped the motion of the container with her palm and shook her head. “Nah, one is enough.”

“One?” His eyebrows knitted but it wasn’t from the bright sun beaming over them doing nothing to combat the wintry temperature that made his leather jacket and thick sweater complete with the beanie on his head. “You mean two.”

Crinkles formed in her nippy nose as she leaned against her now warmed up the rental. The car was buried under almost a foot of snow from the substance that floated from the sky and another foot from the plow that passed by earlier in the morning. Hudson helped her dig out the convertible while Clover walked down the sidewalk and sniffed the decorations. Savoy, however, was guilty of taking her time brushing snow off the car’s hood while he made a pathway for the vehicle to maneuver onto the street. But who could blame her, when you wake up to the pleasant aromatic scent of freshly baking cinnamon rolls you’d want to stay a little longer too.

“Hudson Snow can count.” She gasped teasingly.

“I can. All the up to hundred.” He chuckled letting his eyes linger on hers.

The humor faded from his face and he pulled her gaze away from her to place it on the road ahead. The road that led out of town and over the bridge that had been plowed, salted, and ready for commute. His breath plumed from his agape mouth as his sight blocked out the heaps of snow lining the road, the snow cover timbers up ahead that canvassed the quiet town of which he stood. It felt like a multitude of time passed as they stood there in each other’s company with the hum of the car’s engine and holiday tunes flitting from the speakers on low.

“I should be giving you a gift for being such a great host.” Savoy’s honeyed voice broke the silence between them and called his sight back to her. A vision that brought the heat to her in the under twenty temperature. “But all these are for the fam.” She jutted her thumb back to the rear seat window.

Hudson peeked over her shoulder at the nicely wrapped boxes of various sizes taking up the backseat. “You didn’t need to give me a gift. Your presence was enough.”

“Ugh, dude!” She groaned, dropping her head back in frustration. “Where did you come from and why are you so perfect.”

“I’m not perfect.” He chuckled with a shake of his head. “I’m really a loner and kind of a grouch but…” He paused letting out a breath as if his next words were difficult to say. “Something about you feels old.”

“Are you calling me old?” She frowned at him. “Or an old soul?”

He shook his head. “Like I’ve known you before. Talked to you before. Shared air with you.”

Savoy nodded, being well acquainted with the feeling. It was a feeling that birthed in her when she strutted into his bakery and locked eyes with him at the door. Her anxiety and annoyance rolled off her shoulders. She knew she was in the right place, at the right time on that disastrous day. Hudson Snow made being stranded in a blizzard magnificent; an experience she wished to repeat.

“Mr. Snow.” She playful gasped with a hand going to her chest. “Are you flirting with me?”

“All. Freaking. Night.” He spoke the words with great relief.

She giggled. An actual giggle. A phenomenon that would shock anyone who knew her. She wasn’t a giggler. Maybe a chuckle but never a giggle. What does a woman do when they find a man that makes them giggle. Savoy didn’t know but she did have a question for him.

“What do you want for Christmas?”

He shrugged. “Um…”

“Anything.” She broke his contemplation. “Think of anything you want.”

His mouth quirked. “A kiss. Can I have a kiss?”

She nodded before the word even left her lips, “Yes.”

“And I don’t need mistletoe?” He asked, stepping closer to her.

“No greenery required.” She whispered, tilting her head to the side.

He peered down at her as if he was trying to paint her face into memory. He tugged the glove from his hand then held the nape of her neck. A spark flickered from the spot he touched as she closed her eyes and waited for his lips to ascend on hers. And once they did, they spark ignited a fire that had been smoldering all night. Their bodies drew close as if they were meant to be against each other. Lost in the sweetness of a kiss they didn’t realize that Clover joined their sides or that a car had passed by. The only thing that made Savoy pull away from him was the need for an answer to a question that had haunted her dreams.

“Do you want to spend Christmas with me?” She gripped his shoulders anticipating the answer.

It was an answer that could be read in the curve of his lips and the sparkle of his brown eyes.

“It’s all I want.” He stroked her cheek sending a chill over her flesh.

“Good.” She spoke before his mouth found hers again and she didn’t complain.

Savoy kissed him back realizing he partially accomplished his task. She started to love snow but not the kind that blanketed the ground; the one with his arms wrapped around her. She didn’t know what the new year had in store but she did know she was going to be stranded with Mr. Snow…Hudson for a couple more days. 

What do you think the New Year has planned for Savoy and Hudson? 

I, however, just might know. Stay tuned…

Have a Merry Christmas and a good New Year!!!!

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