Ink & Lust


Amila knew she had his undivided attention. She ignored the rapid beating of her heartbeats and the slight weakness in her legs as she stood in the middle of the foyer in the six-inch gold stilettos. She was nervous being the main attraction for the man that stood mere feet from her waiting to feast on all she had to give. 

She swallowed the uneasy quell and remember what her friend told her; she was performing a dance. Dancing was something she could do in her sleep. This tango wouldn’t require pointe shoes but still demanded skill, discipline, and confidence. She could do all those things. She embodied those things. She had to be that young woman she once was and tap into her talent to commence the intimate dance that was waiting for them.

“All three of your favorite things.” Her hands faintly shook as she pulled the sash of her silk robe. “Heels. Diamonds. Lingerie.” She dropped the sash and let the robe slide down her arms and fall to the floor.

 She held her waist as a shiver ran down her back from the way his brown eyes snaked over her lean legs, toned mocha thighs, ample hips, and skipped to her full breast. His gaze woke up her nipples but he couldn’t tell the effect his eyes had on her, they were sitting up in the lace gold bra but not for long.

“On my list of sexiest things on a woman,” He started, taking a step away from the door, chipping away at the space between them. “Heels are number four. Diamonds are three which I might have to make an exception for you.”

“Why?” She lowly asked, pressing her thighs together trying to simper the heat in her middle that neared scorching.

He gestured to the diamond necklace that stopped just above her collarbone and her earrings that caught the few rays of the dying sun that leaked through the windows by the door.

“You’re a goddess with them. No.” He shook his head, chipping away at more of the distance between them. “A siren.”

“Oh.” Her chest rose as she inhaled deeply. The smooth, deepness of his voice was calling her stronger than any siren song. “So, what’s number one on this list of sexy things?”

“I’ll give you a hint,” He mischievously smirked standing with a couple of inches between them. He leaned near her ear. “It starts with a p and ends with a y and the wetter the better.”

Amila would have replied but she was speechless. His hand was hugging his favorite thing and it was just like he liked it.

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