The Fallacy of Supremacy


The fallacy of supremacy has deceived the world

Tricking human souls into believing in a superior race

Filling their hearts with anguish for those that don’t look like them

Corrupting their minds like a virus into ridiculing others that wear a different hue than them

Poisoning the soul with malice, striving, prejudice, and hate

They fixate on constructing the perfect lineage within a DNA strand

That’s already intertwined and amalgamated or diluted as some would say

As if we all didn’t descend from the same Homo Sapiens that roamed around Africa

A family tree that spans many millenniums

The delusion of supremacy is a fallacy

Believing the rigid notations of races that were created by pseudoscientist with one-third of our intelligence

The psychosis of supremacy has infected the minds of many,

In different degrees than others

They’ll profess their race is better than others because of the tone of their skin or the texture of the hair

or go as far as harming others in the name of saving their ‘pure race’

The two words combined is a laughing matter but for those that have drunk the kool-aid it’s far from that

They’ve brought into the myth

and have been led from focusing on the things that truly matter

The heart and the soul

Character traits and morality

The only supremacy that should be guarded and upheld is the one of being a good person and a loving human

But instead, humans wish to compete against each other because of race.

A concept that will eventually destroy us all

If it’s left to fester any longer.






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