Pass What The Eyes Can See


Fresh eyes and a clear mind

She saw the world free of its disguise

Looking pass what mere eyes could see

Far from pigmentation of epidermises

Beyond the Chroma of irises

Digging deeper then the depth of adipose tissue insulating their bones

She began to view like her Maker

Seeing them for what they truly were

Souls in bodies

And not

Bodies with souls

Detached from the jargon and ideology spewed by men

She peered passed their vehicle tailored for this domain

Analyzing their essence

Studying the fruits sprouting from their hearts

Testing the nectar of the words budding from their mouths

To determine what type of person they truly are.

Souls in bodies


Bodies with souls




Photography by: Tommy VanKessel

One thought on “Pass What The Eyes Can See

  1. Great complication of diverse words that question ones idea and vision of thyself or neighbor.Hey, I like it. It makes one think.

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