ANS- Episode Seventeen

Not Just Sex


Lela knew Trevor was fuming as she watched him cut through the water like Michael Phelps during the 2012 London Olympics. She left The Stallion immediately after Cairo told her Trevor had fled. As she maneuvered her baby blue Mini Countryman over the Austin hills she shook her left foot, her stomach churned and she gripped the steering wheel. Why was she so nervous? It was just Trevor, the spoiled brat from California that went out and bought a Ford F-250 because Cairo told him Men drove trucks. Trevor, who decided to buy a house in Juniper Cove because the RA said Christmas trees aren’t allowed in the dorms. Trevor, who after blowing off class decided to buy an A. He was irresponsible, late all the time, lackadaisical and a Republican. Those were the same things that rushed through her head when he slipped his warm hand in hers during the Fourth of July fireworks.

Lela knew he saw her standing at the edge of the pool as he tapped the rim of the pool, flipped over and dolphin kicked away from the wall. “Trevor.” She called hustling to the other end of the pool. Her bare feet slid over the wet, toasty concrete as she tried to make it to the other end before him. “Trevor.” She called out once more as he freestyled over to her. But he didn’t pop his head out the water. He just tapped the wall, flipped over, and dolphin kicked out.

Lela groaned clenching her fist and curling her toes. “Fine! If this is the game you want to play.” Then fuck you!” She threw something at him as he splashed in the water. She didn’t know what it was. She had too much red in her russet eyes. That was the other thing that pissed her off about him: his cold shoulder, cutting you out when he got mad.

Lela strode through the freshly manicured grass back to the house, “We were just dancing!”

Wetness took hold of her forearm and turned her around. With the brisk speed she was walking and the eager force that he grabbed her she smashed into his hard, moist chest.

“You were dancing?” Trevor’s narrowed cerulean illuminated under the moon’s hypnotic glow. “With your ass on his dick! You were dancing!” His hand wrenched around her forearm tighter.

“You’re hurting me!” Lela shouted delivering a punch to his chest.

Trevor dropped her arm and took a step back. He studied the vividly green grass as Lela stroked her arm. “Are you okay?” He kept his eyes down as he gripped his waist. Frustration surged through his robust body like a volt of electricity.

“I’m…fine.” Lela dropped her arm. “Why are you so jealous.” She whispered.

“I’m not…jealous.” Trevor’s head slowly rose as a stream of water rolled down the side of his face. “I’m not…possessive. I just don’t like other dudes dancing with my girl. You can dance with Cairo anytime of the day.” His heavy baritone rose a little. “Sam. I’m cool with. But Beau mother fucking Mitchell!” He gripped his waist tighter clamping the black fabric of his swim trunks in his hands. “He wants more than a dance. I know it. Alyssa knows it. All of TU knows it!”

Lela jumped at the anger booming in his voice. “I don’t care what they think.”

“Are you sure?” Trevor took another step back digging his hand in his soggy blond tresses. “I can’t even be mad at Beau because he didn’t know. No one knows. I’m your little secret.”

“Then who are you mad at?” Lela knew the answer but asked it anyway.

“You!” Trevor rigidly pointed his hand toward her.

Lela bit her bottom lip. The next-door neighbor flicking on their bedroom light caught her eyes but then she put them back on him, his twitching eyes, crimson cheeks, and bulging forehead vein. “You’re not…my secret.” She neared him. He held out his hand for her to stop and she did. “I’ll tell Alyssa when the time is right.”

“Stop that shit,” Trevor ordered. “Just stop it. You’re not waiting for the right time…that’s bullshit.”

This time, Lela was the one to take a step back turning her back to him. She pulled a deep breath into her lungs, smelling the ragweed in the air even though it wasn’t spring. “He knows me too well.” She murmured to herself but he heard.

“I do.” Trevor invaded her space. His hand snaked its way up her back and around her neck. “Because I love you.”

Lela pulled away from him turning back around. She drowned in the adoration that swam in his eyes. “It’s only been three months.” It being September and them first hooking up in July, she was roughly right. “How do you know so fast?”

“Fast.” A slight smile etched across his face. “You think I fell in love with you three months ago. Try freshman year. You’re the reason I broke up with Lyssa and that art class we took together. Torture. I had never spent so much time with you and then you partnered with me. Shit! You just don’t know.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You had a boyfriend at Morehouse.” The annoyance of that time still laced his voice.

Lela nodded, she did have a boyfriend at Morehouse and he cheated on her with a Spelman girl, “Then why didn’t you say anything after we broke up?”

“I didn’t want to be a rebound. I let Daniel Sasaki do that.” It was a risky move but Trevor knew Daniel didn’t have sticking power. He did have a many heart attack when Daniel started clearing his contact list of all his stand-by girls. But when he leant Daniel his laptop to fill out the Study Abroad application his hopes were restored.

“So, you loved me since freshman year.” Lela lightly laughed. “That sounds like something a girl would say.”

“No.” He grabbed the loose fabric of her dress around her waist and pulled her into him. “It’s something a man would say.”

“A man?” Lela smirked.

“Yes. A man.” Trevor twirled one of her braids around his finger still smelling the apricot oil she laced them in that morning. “See you’ve been too busy dating boys… that don’t know what they want or want to screw everything with a vagina.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and she gripped his shoulders. “But I’ve passed that phase in my life. I passed it at eighteen. I’ve been to every country in the world and had a hookup or two. And I’ve learned it’s not about how many people you have sex with but who you make love too.” His lips lingered in the crook of Lela’s neck tasting her vanilla and honey body wash. “Who you plan to grow old with, plan a life with, journey through this mortal paradox called life.” His luscious lips traveled down to her collarbone. “And I pick you. Anytime. Every time. All the time.”

“You can’t say shit like that.” Lela pushed away from him.

Trevor frowned. “Why not?” He reached for her but she backed up. “It’s true!”

“Because you’ll find out who I really am and you’ll leave me.” Lela’s eyes hovered up from the grass to him.

Trevor’s mouth curved up, “What? Are you a vampire?” He laughed and she folded her arms with a scowl. “You’re stubborn. I already covered that. You’re a homebody with a quick temper and independent to a fault with trust issues. Does that sum you up quite well?”

“No. You left out Mischievous.” She tucked her fingers around the waistband of his trunks and began to pull them down.

Trevor steadied her hand as the elastic band began to stretch around his hips. “None of that.” He pulled her hands off his trunks. “Not until you tell Alyssa, that is.”

Lela pulled her hands away from him. “Are you serious?”

“What’s that word?” He tilted his head up to the star-scattered sky. “The one you won’t be saying in my bedroom for awhile.” He snapped his fingers lowering his gaze to her; catching the eye roll she threw his way. “Yes.”

Lela wrapped her arms around Trevor’s neck. “Don’t…” She kissed the chlorine-drenched skin of his chest. “Make threats…” She rose to her tiptoes placed her lips to his mouth letting the heat of his breath blaze through her body. “You can’t fulfill.”

Trevor tightened his hold around her wait bring her closer to his body, so close they looked like one being. “I fulfill every task that comes my way.” He kissed her once more resting his hand on the small of her back. “Now, what are you going to do about your phone?”

Lela glanced over at the phone floating in the pool, “I guess I am quick tempered.”

“Yep.” He uttered before lowering his mouth to hers once more.


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